Web Tutorial


1. Register an account  with us. 

Account Register

2. Key in your details as follow:

Fill In Details

3. Finish registration after agreeing with our "Privacy Policy".

Finish registration


1. Choose a collection.

Choose Collection

2. Click on the image to see the full collection.

Choose Collection

3. Choose the color/code with the dropdown menu "Please Select". Change the quantity accordingly. Then click ADD TO CART if you are satisfied with your choices.

Add to cart

4. To check the item you have added to your cart, click the Shopping Bag icon to View your cart.

view cart

5. Update your quantity or delete any unwanted item. Once you are satisfied, click Check Out to submit your order.



1. Click "Continue" at step (2). No need to change this part.

billing details

2. Please make sure you key in the correct Delivery Details. We will use this address to ship the item(s) to our customer. Do not forget to fill in the post code to avoid pending orders.

delivery details

3. Choose your delivery method accordingly. For Self pickup, our customer can pick it up at our Boutique in Bangi Sentral. We do not accept COD.

delivery method

4. Payment Method. Choose your preferred method as below:

a) Bank Transfer: follow on-screen instruction and click Confirm Order. Check your email for Order Notification. After making payment using the ATM deposit, please send us a clear picture of the receipt by replying to your invoice email and attached it together. We will process your order accordingly.

bank transfer

b) MOLpay (Online banking e.g CIMBClicks, M2U, RHB, Bank Islam etc) : Follow on-screen instruction. No need to update the details, just choose "Payment Options" to select your preferred online banking. Then click "Pay Online". Please make sure you do not close the browser to ensure smooth payment process. Your order will automatically change to "Complete" on successful payment. We will process your order accordingly.


c) PAYPAL: Follow on-screen instructions. Make payment with Paypal and wait for the payment to be cleared on our side within 24 hours (weekdays). Your status will be set to "Fail" at first once you have settled the payment. Do not worry. We will change it to "Processing" once we have cleared the incoming payment.